YouTube's Most Viewed Videos of All Time

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photos: Pacific Coast News | Getty Images | FameFlynet)It's not hyperbole to say that YouTube has changed the way the entire world consumes media. Today marks the seventh anniversary of when co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first video to the fledgling site that now sees an hour's worth of content uploaded every second. On what is essentially YouTube's birthday, we give you the 10 most-watched videos in the site's short yet revolutionary history. Who knew "Me at the Zoo" would spawn...Read Full Story

Fox's move to subpoena YouTube

By Livingly Staff on
Fox discovered that the entire 4-hour premier of 24 appeared on YouTube before it was originally broadcast on TV.  Fox ain't happy!  So they have subpoenaed YouTube and are trying to identify the person who originally uploaded the stolen material. The movie and TV industry is putting in a major effort to stem the tide of online piracy.  They are running commercials trying to teach the public about copyright infringement and they are using full legal resources to go after and discourage...Read Full Story