Which is your favorite type of smartphone?

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iPhones.  Photo by Techcrunch.Android and Windows Phone platforms have been erroding Apple's marketshare for several years now.  Google’s Android platform currently holds the dominant position in many global markets including both the USA and China.  But which smartphone platform is the best?  Chime in by voting in the poll below.Read Full Story

iPhone Explosion Details

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Passengers on board Australian Regional Express flight ZL319 Friday were in for a shock when a passengers iPhone 4 exploded -- sort of. And here we were thinking crying babies were distracting. With the plane in the midst of landing, the passenger's iPhone 4 began “emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow,” according to a Regional Express statement. Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi film, right? Well, the story's true. Crazier yet, this isn't the first...Read Full Story

Sprint Closes Deal With Apple to Land iPhone 5

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The Wall Street Journal reports today that Apple and Sprint have entered into an agreement that will result in yet another carrier option for Apple products, just in time for the iPhone 5. Details surrounding the deal are slow to emerge, but according to the report, Sprint has committed to the purchase of over 30 million iPhones in a deal that will cost the company over $20 billion.  Based on those numbers, Sprint won't see a profit on the deal until well into 2014, but given that the carrier...Read Full Story

iPhone 4 Problems Include Antenna, Privacy

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Well, the iPhone 4 is out today, much to the excitement of fans who've been waiting months for the new product. But problems with the new model have rained on Apple's parade. The first issue is reception. PC World reports that herds of users have already complained about the phone's antenna and screen. First, a slightly yellow discoloration on the surface has new owners concerned. And the embedded antenna was thought to be a "genius" idea at first, but now people are experiencing dropped...Read Full Story

White iPhone 4 Will Hit Stores As Quickly As Possible

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DON'T MISS Preview: FridgeNotes for iPhone More Technology News Those who've been eagerly anticipating the release of the iPhone 4 may have noticed that only black versions of the device are for pre-order at the moment. The white variety, however, is nowhere to be found. What gives? According to the San Francisco Chronicle, we may just have to be patient. A rep for Apple told the newspaper, "There is tremendous excitement for the new iPhone 4 and we are working to get as many of them...Read Full Story