USA Network
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They had us at Shawn.

This year USA Network gave psych-os the greatest present ever: Psych: The Movie. Seriously, is there anything better than watching Shawn and Gus freak out harder than Nicolas Cage’s forehead in Con Air? We think not.

The deliriously epic reunion was amped up with Pluto pick-up lines, harmonized “suck it” sequences, and so much pineapple lovin’. Suffice to say, Psych was built for callbacks and self-referential fun. The two-hour detour took us back to the good ol’ days, and it’s a glorious gift none of us should take (Mary) lightly. So don’t be a myopic chihuahua, buddy, and keep reading to find out our 10 reasons for why Psych: The Movie is the madcap holiday gift we all desperately needed this year.