Hot Couple #53: Zooey Deschanel & Ben Gibbard

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Both of these celebs are devotees to the indie scene, with Zooey choosing mostly low-budget films (except the Yes Man fluke) and Ben growing famous for bands The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie. Though their salaries haven't been published, Zooey's known as one of Hollywood's most sought after young stars, thanks to her performances in films like Almost Famous and All the Real Girls, in addition to her singing career (last year's debut album received critical praise). Ben scored a platinum album with Death Cab, and the band's also been nominated for a Grammy award.

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Zooey's big eyes and dark hair give her a unique look -- or at least they did before Katy Perry came along. Ben isn't traditionally handsome, but his occasionally emo style and long hair suits him just fine.

In March, around 550,000 people searched Google for Zooey, placing her in the top 25 percent of our most popular celebrities. Ben's in the bottom half of the list, with round 90,000 searches.

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Staying Power.
This couple has stayed far from the Hollywood dating scene the tabloids love so much. Even before they were together, they had no high-profile relationships (although sources have linked Deschanel to actor Jason Schwartzman). They announced their engagement last winter.

Yikes -- as a needy Leo, Ben may need too much attention from Zooey, who doesn't express herself well. She's a Capricorn, so she will need to be willing to let him have the spotlight while they're together. Does this mean we'll get to see them compete for the microphone onstage?

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