Hot Couple #92: Mena Suvari & Simone Sestito

Simone Sestito in D'Amore By Marceau - MBFW Spring 09 - Front Row
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Suvari's exact per-film salary hasn't been published, but she definitely earns in the seven-figure range for her films. She's also been nominated for a BAFTA, which boosted her rep, and she's launched her own scarf collection, which probably boosted her wallet (along with her endorsement deal with Lancome). Sestito is an Italian-Canadian music producer, promoter and dancer, who likely receives a hefty sum from heading his own company.


Mena's looks are somewhat legendary -- they landed her a modeling contract in her early years, and her unforgettable American Beauty role more recently. Simone has a boyish, almost adorable look that makes us wonder if he was ever part of a boy band.

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They may be hot, but the public isn't thinking about these two. Mena only inspired around 74,000 Google searches last month, and Simone didn't even get enough to register on the site (sorry, dude). Those low numbers place them in our bottom five least popular couples.

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Staying Power.
Frankly, Sestito's so far off the radar that we have no idea about his romantic history. Mena, however, married a German cinematographer 18 years her senior when she was young, only to file for divorce five years later. Let's hope she fares better this time around -- these two announced their engagement last summer.

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The Internet knows so little about Sestito thus far that no one's even published his birthday! That means no astrological analysis of this couple -- it's got to be bad karma.

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