Hot Couple #65: Camilla Belle & Joe Jonas

Camilla Belle in San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
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*Update: Joe and Camilla broke up in July 2009 (no surprises here). Click here to read what led to the split, and how Joe broke down onstage. *
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The Jonas Brothers scored a spot at #89 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 last year with an estimated salary of $9 million. If all's even, Joe's cut of that is a cool $3 million, in addition to a Grammy nomination and several Kids' Choice and Teen Choice award wins. Camilla's movie roles have been pretty small-time to date, including last year's bomb 10,000 BC and the more recent Push. But remember, these stars are still young: she's 22 and he's 19.

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Joe's often been called the dreamiest of the Jonas Brothers, and Camilla's natural good looks and fashion sense have garnered plenty of attention from the public. It's good to be half-Brazilian.

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America loves the Jonas Brothers. Last month, around 2.25 million people searched Google for Joe, enough to push them into our top 20 most popular celebrities. Don't get too excited, Belle fans -- she only inspired around 300,000 searches.

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Staying Power.
Taking into account the infamous 27-second phone call that ended the relationship between Joe and former flame Taylor Swift, we're not betting on much longevity here. And what about the constant claims that Camilla's seeing other men, like Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco or even Robert Pattison?

Jonas's Leo sign has tons of personality traits in common with Belle's Libra one: They're both outgoing, adventurous, social butterflies who love to have a good time. He won't even be annoyed by Camilla's inability to make a decision, because a Leo loves to be in charge. We just wonder how he handles taking orders from Nick...

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