Hot Couple #72: Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva

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Mel Gibson's net worth has been estimated at around $900 million, thanks to films like The Passion of the Christ and We Were Soldiers, which earned him $25 million. On top of this insane wealth, he's won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for 1995's Braveheart. Oksana is a Ukranian musician, but she's more famous for her active love life than her career.

Oksana has been criticized for using her looks to get her ahead in life (totally unheard of in Hollywood). It's true: The long-haired, big-eyed beauty commands attention. Mel's blue eyes won him some fans in 1985 when he was named People's Sexiest Man Alive, but that was over two decades ago. And time does take its toll.


Last month, around a million people searched Google for info on Mel, but the search engine's data for Oksana was too low to even register -- although that's likely to change after their recent debut. Still, his results were enough to place them in the top half of our list of most popular couples.
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So many factors to consider. Like the fact that Mel allegedly left his wife of 28 years for Oksana, leading to what's predicted will be the most expensive celebrity divorce in history. Or the rumors circulating that Grigorieva is pregnant, which led Mel's ex Robyn to file the divorce papers. Or Oksana's former relationships, like the one with actor Timothy Dalton. All in all, this seems like a bad start for this couple.

So little is published about Grigorieva that we don't even know her birthday. Here's what we can tell you: As a Capricorn, Mel tends to be arrogant and demanding, and he will rarely trust anyone else to get the job done. Oksana should prepare for a relationship lacking in emotion and affection, unless she's really willing to dig deep. Fun!

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