The 100 Hottest Celebrity Couples

Maxim has the "Hot 100." People has its "Most Beautiful People." But aside from sitting around a conference table arguing about celebs in bikinis, how do you actually decide who's the hottest? At Zimbio, we've found a foolproof, scientific method for rating a couple's hotness, based on four categories: Success, Attractiveness, Popularity and Staying Power.

For the first three, we've ranked each partner in a couple on a scale from one to 10, then added the two scores to come up with a final number (one to 20) in each category. We ranked Staying Power separately on a scale from one to 20 for each couple. The total of the scores in the four categories determined each couple's rank on our list. Numbers don't like, folks.

Here's more on how we break it down:

In a word: Money. Exceptionally hot celebrities are almost always exceptionally rich (and vice versa), so we've tapped into Forbes and other sources to discover their salaries and net worth. We've also considered factors like Oscar and Grammy nominations / wins, platinum albums and other honors they've received.

Our next ranking category is the most obvious in this often-superficial industry: Victoria's Secret model? Check. Ridiculously lucky God-given genes? Double check. But if someone's been on the cover of multiple glamour magazines and/or is under contract with a high-end, high-profile brand, it pushes up their numbers on our list.

Since looking good and making bank don't necessarily keep a couple on the public's radar, we've chosen to judge a couple's popularity by the number of times they've been Googled in the last month. Again, the numbers don't lie.

Staying Power.

This category takes into account all the factors that keep couples together: children, marriage, cohabitation and longevity. If either member of the couple has a history of short, stormy relationships, they get dinged in our point structure.

Yes, there were some ties. And since you can't rely on science for everything, we've turned to the ancient art of astrology to break them: Couples with high compatibility jumped ahead, while those doomed by the stars fell back a slot. In fact, as an extra bonus we've included a summary of each couple's astrological compatibility at the bottom of each article. In case you're superstitious or consider astrology a science.

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