Hot Couple #8: Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale in Gwen Stefani And Family Out At The Park
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Forbes ranked Gwen #63 on their Celebrity 100 last year, estimating her pay at $27 million. She's won an American Music Award and a Grammy, and she even has her own fashion line called L.A.M.B. Gavin contributes to the family with sales from his most recent album, WANDERlust, but his earnings don't compare to Gwen's.

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Gwen's funky style and classic good looks have ensured her success in the music and fashion worlds. She has created a definite look characterized by the platinum hair, red lips and often androgynous clothing. Gavin's style is less calculated, but his wavy hair and gorgeous eyes are dreamy (just ask fans of Bush in the '90s).

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Last month, about 1.2 million people searched Google for Gwen's name alone, and another 200,000 searched for Gavin. Those numbers put them in the top third of our list of celebrity couples in the popularity category.

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Gwen and Gavin have been married since 2002, and they have two insanely adorable boys named Kingston and Zuma. Between them, there has only been one previous high-profile relationship, when Stefani dated fellow No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal. These two seem to be committed to the kids and to each other, as they're constantly seen out and about as a family. Even at the zoo:

Plenty of sparks fly between these two, since Gwen is a Libra and Gavin's a Scorpio. As long as he reins in his possessive side and gives her the independence she craves, they have a chance of survival. Perhaps we'll see some of that classic Scorpio jealousy ignite as she tours with her ex in No Doubt again.

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