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2018 brought the final chapter of ABC's Once Upon a Time to a close. Although it wasn't easy to say goodbye to the long-running fantasy series, there's no better way to commemorate it than by taking a stroll down memory lane. Yes, that means we are looking back at how our favorite Storybrooke characters finally got their happily-ever-after moments this year.

Season 7 of OUAT served as a reboot which included brand-new characters and a brand-new curse ⏤ before the show's official cancellation this year. Thankfully, the ABC series was a lot kinder to its beloved characters in the end, and there were plenty of hilarious, romantic, and jaw-dropping moments featured in the final chapter. For your viewing pleasure, we have compiled a list of the most hopeful endings featured in Season 7 and all the great lessons we learned as OUAT took its final bow.