The Year in Seriously Cute Animals

Three Baby Meerkats Face The Public for The First Time
The three baby meerkats cuddle in the cold at Bristol Zoo on April 4 2008 in Bristol, England.The four-week-old new arrivals, two boys and a girl, are being well looked after by the other four adult meerkats and are already proving a hit with visitors who will be able to see them out in their enclosure more and more as the weather gets warmer. Meerkats are quite lively and sociable animals, carnivores and belong to the family of mongooses, but can only be found in Southern Africa, in places like the Kalahari Desert, Namibia and Botswana. (Getty Images)more pics »I have yet to hear someone say, "I hate cute animals." After all, saying you hate innocent, cuddly and adorable animals is like saying babies are evil or love is an illusion. In short, everyone loves cute animals and to recognize this fact we've taken a look back at animal photos from 2008 and collected photos so cute, they'll make you sick.

Water Voles Are Reintroduced Into West Country Waterways
In general, water voles aren't exactly the cutest of animals, but there's something about this guy that just screams, "Love me!" Maybe it's the fact that his species is in danger, or that he looks so innocent and lost while being introduced to a new habitat. Either way, you kind of want to cuddle him.

Record Number Of Cygnets As Swannery Recovers From Bird Flu Outbreak
Do you think these baby cygnets planned this impromptu cuddle session just to pull at the world's heartstrings? Because if they did, it's totally working. You can't deny their white and fluffy cuteness, it's just not possible.

Baby Flying Foxes Rescued In Queensland
It may not look like it, but these bundled up balls of adorableness are actually bats. I know, bats aren't supposed to be cute, but these ones are! These baby flying foxes had to be temporarily cared for by volunteers in Australia after their habitat burned down and they were left orphaned. Awwwwwww.

Panda Twins Born At Protection And Research Centre In Yaan
Are you serious? A baby panda playing peek-a-boo, this is just too much! This is actually one of a set of giant panda twins born at the Panda Protection Center in China this October. And yes, the other one is this adorable.

Chester Zoo Unveils New Baby Giraffe
Just try to turn those big baby giraffe eyes away, you can't, it's not possible! Meet Margaret, she was born at the Chester Zoo in England in January.

Kenyan Safari
Baboons are smart, right? Well, even if they're not this one's got his thinking pose down.

Polar Bear Cub In Stuttgart Zoo
As if polar bear cubs weren't already cute enough, now someone's had the bright idea of photographing them in baskets, at least doubling their cuteness and making them totally travel and picnic friendly. This little guy was born to the Zoo Stuttgart Wilhelma in February.
Lions On Show In London Zoo's Late Night Event
It was hot in July, but this giraffe at the London Zoo didn't seem to mind as he gives his new friend, an ice cube filled with vegetables and fruit, a little kiss.

Canada Raises Quota For Controversial Seal Hunt
This past March the Canadian government raised their controversial seal hunting quota and no one was more surprised than this harp seal. Is that a tear rolling down its cheek? I think so. Although Canada defends the traditional hunting season, many animal rights organization have rightly condemned the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Endangered Turtle Born At Bristol Zoo
Luckily this is the last photo, because I'm not sure anything gets cuter than a tiny box turtle on a box of matches. I take that back, if a baby chick came along and started cuddling the turtle, that might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Still, this tiny endangered turtle born to the Bristol Zoo in England in August is pretty damn adorable.
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