The Year in People Who Pretend Not to Want Their Photos Taken

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban In Sydney
US singer Keith Urban hides his face from photographers while leaving the Kidman residence with his wife actress Nicole Kidman and their new baby Sunday Rose on August 7, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. (Getty Images)more pics »Why do celebrities always try to hide from paparazzi? Honestly, you know cameras are going to follow you wherever you go so why fight it? It’s obviously because they secretly love the attention, and they think playing hard to get is the way to keep paparazzi coming back for more. To expose these celebrities we’ve combed the paparazzi photos of 2008 to bring you the year of people who pretend not to want their photos taken.

Naomi Campbell - Court Hearing
Naomi Campbell hides form the paparazzi on her way to a court hearing in England. Why hide Naomi? We already know it's you, honestly, you might as well just smile and say "Hello" to the cameras, you'd look a lot less ridiculous.

Sarah Jessica Parker Walking Home In NYOK, so Sarah Jessica Parker may actually be one celebrity who has a legitimate reason to not want her photo taken: A serious lack of makeup.

Stuart Townsend & Charlize Theron Walking On The BeachCharlize Theron uses her hat to shield herself from photographers while on a walk with boyfriend Stuart Townsend. Really, it's Townsend who should hide, he's the one walking around with poop in a bag. Now that's embarrassing.

Shia LaBeouf Leaving A Medical ClinicNow that Shia LaBeouf's hand has healed and he's vowed to stop acting like a juvenile delinquent, he needs to keep the paparazzi interested by giving them what they can't have: A good photo.

Zac Efron Camera Shy While at the GymZac Efron uses a trendy bag to shield his face while heading from his car to the gym.

Ronnie Wood's Girlfriend EKATERINA IVANOVA Trying To Avoid The CameraIf you were Ekaterina Ivanova you'd hide too. After all, she did break up Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and his wife of 13-years, Jo Wood.

Vanessa Hudgens Running Out of Rite AidVanessa Hudgens hides from photographers as she runs out of a local Rite-Aid drugstore.

LINDSAY LOHAN And SAMANTHA RONSON Having Dinner With Their MomsSamantha Ronson takes hiding form the paparazzi to a whole new level, by not only turning her face from cameras, but also flipping them off. In this case a picture only says two words, one of them starts with an F, and the second one is You.

Drunken Ryan Phillippe Attacks & Berates Photographers"Talk to the hand, because the face is drunk, and really doesn't feel like taking pictures right now." Ryan Phillippe tries to shield himself from photographers, but he learns the hard way that running out of a high profile event screaming, "We're drunk and tired" only attracts more photogs.

Hadyen Panettiere Walking To Her CarYou can't tell from this photo, but this blue umbrella is actually Hayden Panettiere walking to her car.

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