2015 TV Couples March Madness Challenge: Vote in Round 2!

Will your favorite small screen lovers make the cut and move on to the Sweet 16?

2015 TV Couples March Madness Challenge: Vote in Round 2!
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Zimbio readers really know how to put the madness in TV Couples March Madness. We received a record turnout for round one! After nearly 1.4 million votes, we are excited to present your Top 32. 

Some round one results highlights :

- Once Upon a Time fans do not mess around. All five nominated couples made it through to the second round. A quick reminder that the use of spells and magic is not permitted. 

- An early shocker was tournament newcomers Connor & Oliver (How to Get Away with Murder) defeating fan favorites Vincent & Catherine (Beauty & the Beast). Could they get away with winning the entire thing? We shall see!

- Root & Shaw (Person of Interest) proved that love never dies. The same applies to series like How I Met Your Mother, which ended its run last year. Lily & Marshall and Barney & Robin sailed through to round two. 

- The closest race, by far, was that between Sherlock & Holmes (Sherlock) and Piper & Alex (Orange Is the New Black). Two very different couples, but Sherlock & Holmes skirted by with only a few hundred extra votes. An honorable mention goes to the race between Oliver & Felicity (Arrow) and Jude & Connor (The Fosters). There was a valiant effort with Jonnor fans in the final hours and they nabbed a spot within the last ten minutes of the competition. Impressive work!

- Our only animated couple, Legend of Korra, holds strong after edging out Aria & Ezra (Pretty Little Liars).

So which couples will advance to the Sweet 16? Click here or on our interactive bracket (above) to vote for your favorites or cast your vote in the polls below to help determine which of our 32 first round winners will advance to round three.

The full tournament schedule is listed below. Be sure to follow Zimbio (@zimbio) on Twitter and Tumblr for all the latest 2015 TV Couples March Madness Challenge updates!

Ross & Rachel Conference

Sam & Diane Conference

Pacey & Joey Conference

Zack & Kelly Conference

2015 TV Couples March Madness Timeline
Round 1: Tuesday, March 3 (10am PST) - Monday, March 9 (9pm PST)
Round 2: Tuesday, March 10 (10am PST) - Friday, March 13 (9pm PST)
Round 3: Saturday, March 14 (10am PST) - Tuesday, March 17 (9pm PST)
Round 4: Wednesday, March 18 (10am PST) - Monday, March 22 (9pm PST)
Round 5: Monday, March 23 (10am PST) - Thursday, March 26 (9pm PST)
Round 6: Friday, March 27 (10am PST) - Tuesday, March 31 (10am PST)
Winner announced: Tuesday, March 31

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