Clarke and Lexa Win Zimbio's 2017 TV Couples March Madness Challenge

The #ClexaKru proved to be an unstoppable force of nature two years in a row.

Clarke and Lexa Win Zimbio's 2017 TV Couples March Madness Challenge
Art for Zimbio by Rafael Hidalgo

After an incredible 3.7 million votes were cast in Zimbio's 2017 TV Couples March Madness Challenge, The 100's Clarke and Lexa snagged the coveted crown for a second, consecutive win. Clearly, this victory is no small feat, especially given the fact that the character of Lexa passed away over a year ago. But the warrior queen has lived on in the hearts of her fans, who have spent the year since her death advocating for LGBTQ causes and doing their best to bury the "bury your gays" trope once and for all.

For Clexa fans, Lexa's death was an inexcusable letdown, and it became much larger than what the show had intended. It's cultural impact started an in-depth discussion about improving the visibility of LGBTQ characters and understanding the impact they have on their fans. The Clexakru took their frustrations about the insensitive way The 100 handled Lexa’s death, which occurred just moments after she slept with Clarke for the first time, and worked to turn those frustrations into action.

Rather than waiting for someone else to make things better, Clexa fans rose up and decided to create the change they wished to see in Hollywood. They raised money for The Trevor Project, and they launched the first annual ClexaCon. Named after Clarke and Lexa, this media and entertainment convention aims to provide a platform for fans, allies, and content creators from around the globe so that they can disseminate positive content about the LGBTQ community.

Lexa may have died on the show, but her memory will live on thanks to her loyal fans. We want to congratulate the Clexa fandom for repping their OTP to the best of their abilities. You guys came out in full force and this victory is a result of your unyielding support of Clexa. Your Commander would be proud, so keep fighting the good fight.

We also want to thank everyone else who participated in this year's challenge. You represented your ride-or-die couples with fervor and emphasized all the great things about being in a fandom. We look forward to bringing you another epic celebration next year.

May we meet again.

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