Abbie Dorn Case Will Move Forward

Abbie Dorn is a mother of 4-year-old triplets who is fighting for the right to see and interact with her children, after she suffered severe brain damage during childbirth. She can't walk or talk, but her parents are locked in a legal battle with her ex-husband on her behalf, according to CNN.

Abbie Dorn (
Today a judge in LA ruled in favor of Dorn's parents being able to help their daughter get visitation rights. They are her legal guardians, and help look after her in their home. A trial is now set for May 13, and no matter the verdict, the case will likely end up in appeals for years, according to the report.

Dorn, who is now 34, last had contact with her children when they were toddlers. Her husband divorced her in 2008, and has been raising the three kids in LA. Daniel Dorn maintains that his ex is in a vegetative state, and isn't getting better, so she is not legally competant to make decisions about their children.

Her parents argue that she is making improvements, and can communicate by blinking.She is currently undergoing a $33,000 per month treatment program, funded by the $7.8 million medical malpractice settlement she won.

Dorn began bleeding severly while giving birth, and went into cardiac arrest. This cut off oxygen to her brain, resulting in sever brain damage -- as doctors could not resuscitate her for 20 minutes. Doctors thought she was recovering well, but 3 days after giving birth she took a turn for the worst.
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