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Adrien Brody 24th SCAD Savannah Film Festival – Adrien Brody Vanguard Award Presentation
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Andra Reeve-Rabb, Clayton Davis 
Adrien Brody 24th SCAD Savannah Film Festival – Red Carpet
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Adrien Brody 24th SCAD Savannah Film Festival - Day 2
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5 Essential Indies on Netflix Movie Buffs Need to See

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What's New in Theaters This Weekend: June 1, 2012

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From Left: Eva Longoria, Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, Adrien Brody (Photos by: Getty Images, Bauer Griffin, Pacific Coast News).Snow White and the HuntsmanDirected by: Rupert SandersStarring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize TheronThe second 2012 reimagining of the classic Snow White fairy tale, this one expands the role of the Huntsman (Hemsworth) tasked with killing Snow White (Stewart), but here he becomes her protector and teacher. The two team up to defeat the Evil Queen...Read Full Story

Adrien Brody Is Glad He's No Longer in His 20s

By BangShowbiz on
Some people miss their youth. Not Adrien Brody, though, who says he's glad to be be a bit older and lot wiser.The 37-year-old actor doesn't worry about growing older because he feels happier and more youthful now than he was in his "angst-ridden" 20s.He said: "You go through different phases and points in your life and that's interesting. Someone may turn 40 and be thrilled to be out of their 30s, you know, but I don't think about it a lot."I feel younger than I did years ago. I have a better...Read Full Story

Adrien Brody Attends Los Angeles Premiere of 'Splice'

By Olivia on
Is a bromance blooming? Adrien Brody gave his best tough guy face while posing for pictures with Robert Downey Jr. at the premiere of the new movie Splice in LA last night. The actors try to look hard, but Downey's arm around Brody's shoulder gives these softies away. Downey doesn't star in Splice, but Brody does. He plays a scientist who creates a new life form, which -- you guessed it! -- turns on its creator. Brody told CraveOnline.com, "There is a shared ambition that they’re both very...Read Full Story

Adrien Brody Is the New Arnold Schwarzenegger

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images | Inset from promotional Predators footage)Adrien Brody showed up at Austin's South by Southwest festival over the weekend to debut the first footage from the upcoming Predators movie in which he, like Ah-nuld before him, will take on the nasty screen monsters. While even Adrien acknowledges he's no Schwarzenegger, producer Robert Rodriguez seems happy with the lanky actor playing the part of action hero. "You can't compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger, so it's much better to...Read Full Story