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Reach More Than 25 Million Unique Visitors

Zimbio is an interactive magazine publisher with two titles, zimbio.com and stylebistro.com.  We create some of the web's most socially engaging content about music, movies, TV shows, fashion, beauty, and celebrity lifestyles.

Zimbio.com is one of the 5 most popular
Entertainment News properties on the web

- comScore May 2011

StyleBistro.com is one of the 15 most popular
Style, Fashion, and Beauty properties on the web

- comScore May 2011

In Canada?
All Canadian sales handled by: Adconion Media Group
Adconion is Canada’s fastest growing online audience network
Our target audience is 18-34 years old, Internet-savvy, educated, and highly influential.

The sites have more than 25 million monthly unique visitors, the majority of which have attended college or graduate school and have a household income above $60,000 per year.

Why Market on Zimbio and StyleBistro?

We draw a large, valuable and rapidly growing audience that you can reach with a range of high impact advertising products.

Advertising Opportunities

We offer IAB advertising units that can be targeted by category or custom segmentation. See advertising specifications here.

We partner with Glam Media to sell targeted display advertising campaigns in the United States..  Contact Glam for more details.

You can also purchase sitewide advertising campaigns directly via our partnership with BuyAds.com.


Additionally, our sales team can provide powerful, customized sponsorships and integration ideas in addition to standard advertising plans.  For more information on how to partner with Zimbio and StyleBistro, please contact sales@zimbio.com.

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