Here's Why Rob Lowe Is the King of Summer

Here's Why Rob Lowe Is the King of Summer

A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.

Rob Lowe's Shark Week promo is absolutely delightful. 
Apparently, the old King of Summer wasn't good enough for the Discovery Channel because they enlisted the help of Rob Lowe. The actor got all sorts of chummy with a bunch of great white sharks for Shark Week. 

James Franco taught Jimmy Fallon how to take the perfect selfie.
We all know that James Franco is rather gifted when it comes to creating social media buzz. So, leave it to the actor to show the late night host a thing or two about selfie angles, prop use, and attitude. 

A dog passed out from overwhelming joy. 
After a family member returned home after two years of working in Slovenia, she was greeted by her schnauzer named Casey. Casey was very happy to see her and even conked out for a few seconds out of sheer happiness and excitement. 

Here's every time Samuel L. Jackson has said "motherf--ker" in film. 
Seriously, it's a lot. (via Huffington Post

DMX freaked out on an amusement park ride. 
That's how Rough Riders roll, apparently. Side note: ensuring the safety of your gold chain while practically airborne is clutch. 

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