Did Beyoncé's Sister Just Post the Best Throwback Picture of All Time?


A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.

Solange Knowles just gave music lovers the greatest gift of all time. 
Beyonce's younger sister Solange Knowles posted the most amazing #TBT pic of the year. The snap, taken back in 2000, features denim bikinis, baby oil, and some very familiar faces (like Bow Wow when he was still "Lil'"). Clearly, the fashion of the new millennium started off with a bang.
In case you ever wanted to hear your favorite stars "Talk Dirty."
Jason Derulo debuted a rather infectious new music video for his latest single "Talk Dirty," which features a handful of famous faces like Ariana Grande, Enrique Iglesias, One Direction, and even Larry King lip-synching along to the upbeat track. Check it out: 

Why is Lindsay Lohan wearing a wedding dress? 
LiLo's latest fashion statement has nothing to do with walking down the aisle in real life and everything to do with Kat Denning's Two Broke Girls. The actress will play bride-to-be Claire Guinnes in an upcoming episode of the CBS comedy. Will you be tuning in
Tame Impala's Michael Jackson cover of "Stranger in Moscow" is blissful perfection. 
You know summer is nearly upon us when Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala creates an airy and fresh rendition of an MJ classic. Enjoy. (You can listen to the original version here.)

In non-vegetarian, non-celebrity related news... 
Slate has put together an interactive map showing what each state's official meat would be if it had one. After playing around with it (yes, it is very cool), here are our thoughts: Delaware, what the heck is scrapple? California, we're pretty sure tofu is not a meat (and some of us do love a good rack of ribs). And Texas, your brisket is looking goooooood.

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