'Girls', As Told By Super Adorable Furry Cats


A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.

, as told by cats.

The season three premiere of HBO's Girls is upon us and we could think of no better way to get ready than by watching this adorably fury Girls reenactment starring cats. If that doesn't do it for you, perhaps these Girls-inspired American Girl dolls will. 

Why can't Bradley Cooper stop laughing?
When the Coop smiles we smile because the Coop looks so gosh darn adorable letting his inner light shine. Watch this Today Show interview and find your day magically brightened.

Rap is headed to Broadway, ya'll

Apparently, a Tupac Shakur musical called "Holler If Ya Hear Me" will soon be hitting the Broadway stage in June (you can read all about it here). We really hope that Tupac hologram will star.

Conan O'Brien vs. Jordan Schlansky (again).

One of O'Brien's funniest and longest-running gags is clashing with his pretentious associate producer Jordan Schlansky (watch all their hilarity here). In their latest tiff, the late night host calls in a professional organizer to clean up Schlanksy's Hoarders-type mess.

Music Collaboration Alert. 
If you haven't heard, anticipation surrounding the release of that Shakira-Rihanna collab is quickly building. As a Shak fan, the newly released single artwork for "Can't Remember to Forget You" really gets me stoked. So. many. bangles. 

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