Please Enjoy the Chainsaw-Heavy Teaser for 'Sharknado 2'


A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day

Watch the dramatic first teaser for Sharknado 2: The Second One.  
Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, and those shark-infested natural wonders are back, ya'll! And, yes, the actor you see in the subway station around the 5-second mark is that dude from Sugar Ray. 

Here's why Hugh Jackman can't stop bouncing. 
Apparently, prepping to host the 2014 Tony Awards this Sunday will make you do some crazy things. 

This Wheel of Fortune contestant gloriously cracked under the pressure, or has no idea how to read. Either way, nice try!

The "Honest" trailer for Top Gun is spot on. 
In the words of Screen Junkies, Tom Cruise's classic 1986 film was actually about America's best pilots who are pulled from active duty "to drink, screw and play drawn-out games of homoerotic beach volleyball... Oh, and occasionally fly some planes."

Zach Braff and Donald Faison serenaded each other in Austin.
The former Scrubs co-stars enjoyed a bromance sesh on stage at the premiere of Braff's new film Wish I Was Here. Here is their delightful new version of "Guy Love" from Scrubs.  

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