20 Things You Never Knew About 'Heat'

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Determining the Greatest Acting Streaks of All Time

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(Getty)Do anything long enough and there's bound to be a few missteps along the way. That's certainly true for the film industry. Even great actors make bad movies, which makes it difficult to┬ádefinitively determine the "greatest actor of all time." But to even be in that conversation, an actor has to have a peak, an infallible stretch in his career where everything he touches turns to gold. Very few stars can string together a collection of critically acclaimed movies without having a dud...Read Full Story

Al Pacino Set to Play Disgraced Penn State Coach in New Joe Paterno Biopic

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(Photo: Getty Images)In Hollywood, there's no such thing as "too soon." Every momentous news event is fodder for screenplays, and the turnaround time from real-life to big screen adaptation is becoming shorter and shorter. Which is why news of a movie surrounding the life of Joe Paterno shouldn't come as a shock (even though many of the Penn State faithful in "Happy Valley" are up in arms about the project. The Paterno biopic has tentatively signed Hollywood legend Al Pacino to play the late...Read Full Story

Al Pacino Films Coffee Commercial

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Vittoria Coffee is one lucky brand, having landed one of the most legendary actors in the world to represent their java. Al Pacino was spotted laughing on the set of a commercial he's shooting for the company, looking cool in some aviator-style shades. Rumor has it Pacino has another exciting role ahead of him, too. Accoring to The Guardian, he's Martin Scorcese's first pick to play famous singer Frank Sinatra in a new biopic by the renowned director. The role hasn't been confirmed just yet...Read Full Story