30 Tweets That Prove 'SNL' Is The Therapy That's Getting Us Through This Presidency

Shows like NBC's iconic sketch comedy series highlight diverse talent and make us laugh in our roughest hour.

30 Tweets That Prove 'SNL' Is The Therapy That's Getting Us Through This Presidency

On Saturday, May 5, SNL hosted two of the U.S.'s most talked about figures of the moment: Donald Glover and Stormy Daniels. While featuring both figures in the same episode may not have been intentional, it was a combo that felt appropriate given the state of our country.

Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, is an influential Black artist whose rise to prominence has coincided with the Trump presidency. His hit FX show, Atlanta, has been praised by Variety as "an oblique portrait of black creative aspiration in the South," and Glover has been quoted as saying he created it to "make people feel Black" in a time when empathy matters most — smack in the middle of a regime that has made every effort to minimize the lives and voices of minorities.

Glover also used his appearance on the show as an opportunity to release his powerful new single, "This Is America." The track addresses everything from gun violence to terrorism while acknowledging the very human experience of "just wanting to dance" through it all.

Meanwhile, Daniels seems to be the only Trump screw-up no one can bury. The scandal of her '06 affair with the president has withstood the test of time, despite the best efforts of Trump and his team. While some have chosen to forget about Trump's grotesque "locker room talk" and long history of abusive, sexist behavior, Daniels is a constant reminder of the kind of person we've elected to run our country.

For some, seeing figures like Glover and Daniels — whose mere presences represent resistance and hope — on shows like SNL has meant inspiration, humor, and levity on the bleakest of days. Alec Baldwin's on-point Trump impression hasn't hurt either.

Check out the 30 tweets below that prove SNL might just be the therapy that's getting us through this presidency.

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