What Do You Do When You Really, Really Want to Direct 'Fifty Shades of Grey?'

(Getty)Here's what we know about the film adaptation of the bestselling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey: It's definitely happening even though Universal and Focus have yet to cast anyone or hire a director.

So what happens when the director's chair is empty and you really want to be that guy? Well, you shoot a steamy test sex scene featuring a Magic Mike star and hope you win the bid. According to TheWrap, that's exactly what Oscar-nominated director Gus Van Sant did in an attempt to show producers that he indeed has the directorial chops to film what will undoubtedly be a highly-anticipated pop-culture hit.

Van Sant (who has directed films like Milk, Last Days, and Good Will Hunting) apparently casted Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer as the kinky billionaire Christian Grey in a scene were Anastasia Steele loses her virginity to him.

We definitely like a director who takes matters into their own hands. But what happens if Van Sant's ploy doesn't work? Will his "filmed sex scene" be demoted, standing alone as nothing more than a pornographic "sex tape?"
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