Orlando Bloom's Son Flynn is Definitely Going to Be a Heartbreaker

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Today in juicy celebrity news: Orlando Bloom's son is just too darn cute, Courteney Cox is living with her new beau, Bruce and Kris Jenner hold hands, and more...Baby BloomWhat happens when a hot actor has a baby with a gorgeous model? You get one seriously adorable kid with amazing style, that's what. For instance, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's son Flynn is just about as cute as they come. The actor brought his 3-year-old son to his Hollywood Walk of Fame unveiling Wednesday and all eyes...Read Full Story

The Reasons Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Split, As Told By the Internet

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Getty ImagesToday in juicy celebrity news: The Gwyneth Paltrow split rumors continue, Regina Spektor is a mom, Miley Cyrus has the second worst day of her life, and more...The World Wide Web of RumorsGwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were so into keeping their private life under wraps that they hardly walked a red carpet together during their 10-year marriage, which was constantly filled with movie premieres, awards shows, and the like. So it's an easy bet that they'll never open up about what...Read Full Story

Alexa Ray Joel Pictures

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In case there was any doubt, Alexa Ray Joel pictures reveal that she definitely looks the part of Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel's daughter. With her father's dark hair and her mother's almond-shaped eyes, it's easy to pick out her genetic lineage. And just like daddy, Alexa Ray Joel went into music. She's a piano-playing singer/songwriter who started writing songs early on in life. She says she was always (understandably) encouraged by her parents, and that her love for music began...Read Full Story

Alexa Ray Joel Finds a New Beau!

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Alexa Ray Joel has found love again. The 24-year-old daughter of celeb parents Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley has been dating singer-songwriter Cass Dillon, reports. See more on Alexa Ray Joel: Alexa Ray Joel Talks Breakups and Famous Parents Alexa Ray Joel Prell Commercial Alexa Ray Joel Pictures Apparently the duo met through work, when Dillon was tapped to play the guitar on Alexa's new album. That's probably just as well for Alexa, who's said in the past she'd rather...Read Full Story

Alexa Ray Joel Talks Breakups and Famous Parents

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Getty ImagesAlexa Ray Joel was hospitalized last December after taking an overdose of painkillers, but the singer says she was "panicking" over the end of her relationship with her first love, Jimmy Riot. She explained: "I wasn't trying to hurt myself, I wasn't trying to kill myself. I was panicked, I was not thinking clearly at all. I was in so much pain and I just wanted to numb it."He helped me get my band together, my career, my sexuality as a woman, I associated with him. So when he...Read Full Story

Alexa Ray Joel Prell Commercial

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Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's daughter Alexa Ray Joel appeared in a commercial for Prell shampoo recently, following in the footsteps of her supermodel mother. According to, the 24-year-old even mentions her famous mom in the ad. Before giving out hair advice, she says, "Wanna hear a great tip I learned from mom?" The singer gestures toward a photo of her mom on top of a piano, noting how long Prell has been a favorite for consumers. She also washes and tosses her locks...Read Full Story

Alexa Ray Joel Heads Back to School to Study Psychology

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Pacific Coast NewsSince Alexa Ray Joel's apparent suicide attempt last month, the 23-year-old daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley has a new path in life. She's decided to continue her education in order to help other young women who find themselves in a similar state of depression. The singer-songwriter wrote on her MySpace page:  “I have many exciting new developments for the New Year. Most importantly, to help young girls with something I feel I know a GREAT deal about: Heartbreak...Read Full Story

Alexa Ray Joel Says She Wants to Help Girls with Heartbreak-Related Depression

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(Getty Images)Alexa Ray Joel says Heartbreak-Related Depression played a role in her recent suicide attempt and that she wants to raise awareness of the issue in 2010. The daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley made the comments on her page, where she thanked her supporters for their "outpouring of love" in a trying time. Alexa was rushed to a hospital December 5 after taking a cocktail of pills that was later determined to be non-lethal. The young singer panicked and...Read Full Story

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley Blame 'Heartbreak' for Alexa's Hospital Stay

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Bauer GriffinAfter Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's daughter Alexa Ray Joel was hospitalized for an alleged suicide attempt last week, media attention on the family has skyrocketed. That's why Joel and Brinkley decided to release a statement to the media about the matter. Here's the full statement, via Every parent can imagine the pain and anguish we face as parents of a daughter who is working to recover from the dangerous actions she took while suffering a devastating...Read Full Story

Alexa Ray Joel, Billy Joel's Daughter, Hospitalized After Alleged Suicide Attempt

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Getty ImagesAlexa Ray Joel, the daughter of singer Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, has been hospitalized this afternoon in Manhattan after the paramedics were called to her West Village apartment. The 23-year-old said she had taken 8 pills, according to the New York Daily News. Apparently the girl's roommate called 911 and claimed Alexa took too many sleeping pills about 1:20pm. Police are calling the matter a suicide attempt, according to Huffington Post. She had allegedly...Read Full Story