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Alfonso Cuaron Alfonso Cuaron Close Encounter Red Carpet - 16th Rome Film Fest 2021
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Antonio Monda, Richard Peña 
Alfonso Cuaron Lexus at the 16th Rome Film Fest - Day 7
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Alfonso Cuaron 2019 LACMA Art And Film Gala Presented By Gucci - Arrivals
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Movie Theater Chains Refuse To Include 'Roma' In Their Best Picture Showcases

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This Is What It Looks Like When 2014's Oscar-Winning Director Brings His Talents to Network TV

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(Getty) Based on Alfonso Cuaron's resume, which now includes "Oscar winner" under the "awards and achievements" section, he can pretty much choose any project he wants. Fortunately for a struggling NBC, that choice was to co-write and direct the pilot for Believe, a new show about a girl with special powers and the ex-con tasked with making sure her gifts don't fall into the wrong hands. The premise is a familiar one, but Cuaron's skill behind the camera expectedly elevates the material. The...Read Full Story

The Arguments Against the Oscar Frontrunners

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(Getty Images)A super competitive awards season comes to a close tonight, and while some of these races already feel like foregone conclusions, there are still good reasons to choose the second or sometimes even third-ranked nominees when making your final Oscar pool picks. With that in mind, here's a little intelligence to help you look like a plugged in pro when you choose Amy Adams over Cate Blanchett or Gravity over 12 Years a Slave.Best Picture: 12 Years a Slave(Fox Searchlight)The movie...Read Full Story

Oscar Leaderboard: The Final Big Six Rankings

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(Getty Images)What are we going to do with ourselves after Sunday?! The most competitive awards season of at least the last decade is coming to a close, so it's time to take one last look at this year's leaderboard and pick this year's Oscar winners. As always, we're just tracking the Big Six (Picture, Director, and the acting categories). Check out a full breakdown for predictions here. The smart money is on Cate Blanchett to win Best Actress this year. After winning the Golden Globe, the...Read Full Story

Sandra Bullock Drifts Into Outer Space in the New Image for 'Gravity'

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(Warner Bros. Pictures)The teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's forthcoming space thriller Gravity made us all cringe at the idea of being stranded, alone, in the dark vastness that is outer space. Now, we have a look at the zero-gravity environs Bullock will be forced to battle in order to find her way back to earth. In the film, Bullock plays a medical engineer who becomes stranded in outer space with a veteran astronaut (George Clooney) after their shuttle is destroyed. Bullock and Clooney...Read Full Story