10 Times 'Clueless' Perfectly Described Your Life

Because, truly, Cher Horowitz is your spirit animal.

10 Times 'Clueless' Perfectly Described Your Life

"As if!"

Clueless put the oh-so apt phrase on the map, made you question the true necessity of on-point parallel parking abilities and rendered '95 the year of plaid skirts and knee-high socks (if anyone is interested in bringing these back, I'm ridiculously in but it takes a village, my friends).

From Cher's relatable, if not just a little spacey one-liners, to Tai's charisma-infused social blunders, Clueless related to us in a way that really wasn't so clueless after all. Here are 10 times the cult classic just got you.

When your game wasn't particularly strong.

10 Times 'Clueless' Perfectly Described Your Life

*takes 26 selfies in four different rooms, subsequently collapsing onto California King in heap of fluorescent despair*

And you realized your standards might be just a little too high.

10 Times 'Clueless' Perfectly Described Your Life

The motto.

So you took a minute to be like...

Acceptance is the first step to recovery.

You may even have questioned yourself.

"There is a small chance that I may be slightly less than perfect," she muttered half-heartedly, tugging at the hem of her knee socks.

And experienced a period of self-deprecation.

The worst of insults.

Eventually, though, you came back stronger than ever.

Perfecting the disinterested stare while getting utterly down on the dance floor.

Let any and all haters know it was time to back off.


Appreciated the little things in life.

Like getting home after a long day and stripping naked, free to frolick across the halls with uninhibited, wanton abandon. Anyone?

Got your mojo back.

*makes mental note to pick up white strips on the way home*

And re-adopted our favorite mentality...

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