It's Not Your Imagination, Netflix Keeps Getting Worse

Numbers show a 31 percent drop-off in content since 2014.

It's Not Your Imagination, Netflix Keeps Getting Worse

As has been reported here over the last year, Netflix keeps shrinking. Every month the streaming service updates with new content, and, usually, it removes more than it adds. Now, thanks to, we have the numbers to back up that seeming truth. According to the website, Netflix has dropped 31.7 percent of all content since January 2014. 

Back at that time, Netflix offered 6494 movies and 1609 TV shows for a total of 8103 titles. As of this week, they offer 4335 movies and 1197 TV shows (5532 total). That’s 2571 fewer titles.

It's Not Your Imagination, Netflix Keeps Getting Worse

The big question, as the Allflicks article states, is why? Why Netflix? Why do you increase rates and remove content when all we want is more? Obviously, money is the reason. Partnerships with distributors cost money and Netflix may be easing off the pedal now that it's the undisputed King of Streaming. But, I've got another potential cause.

The continued increase in Netflix original content will leave less and less room for non-Netflix properties on the site. Obviously, Netflix wants you watching its original TV shows and movies so why increase the competition? Removing other content increases the likelihood the public will watch Netflix originals simply by decreasing options. That's my hypothesis. Netflix is slowly, but surely, morphing into another premium cable network like HBO and Showtime. It will likely always offer movies and television, but as time passes, you'll see more and more exclusive Netflix content than anything else.  

Head over to Allflicks for the rest of their article about the numbers.

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