The Meanest Girls In Movies And TV We Wouldn't Want To Go To High School With

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Checking In With 'Vanity Fair's' Young Hollywood Class of 2003

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Mila Kunis Shows Off Her Engagement Ring, Hides Her Baby Belly on the Red Carpet

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Getty ImagesToday in juicy celebrity gossip: Mila Kunis uses Channing Tatum as a baby bump-blocker on the red carpet, Gwyneth Paltrow thanks fans for being supportive about her split, Selena Gomez gets dragged into Bieber's legal woes, and more...Rings and Things Mila Kunis hit the red carpet for the first time since her engagement and pregnancy news broke, but she chose to show off her rock instead of her bump. There to help her on that front was Jupiter Ascending co-star Channing Tatum...Read Full Story

The Latest in the Amanda Bynes Saga

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Pacific Coast NewsAmanda Bynes has been getting help for a serious metal illness at the UCLA Medica Center over the last few months, but TMZ reports the actress has since left the facility and headed to a fancy rehab center in Malibu, Calif.The outlet reports the switch happened about three weeks ago. Bynes is now at The Canyon rehab joint (don't confuse this with Lindsay Lohan's new movie The Canyons), a place that caters to celebrity clients.Bynes' parents responded to TMZ's article with a...Read Full Story

An Update on the Amanda Bynes Situation

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Getty ImagesAmanda Bynes has been getting psychiatric treatment at the UCLA Medical Center for a few weeks now and that could be her home until 2015, according to the latest reports. Apparently the star's lawyer Gerald Shargel appeared in court this morning and told a judge that she would not be fit to stand trial for up to 18 months. However, Shargel is hoping to settle the matter — the weird bong-throwing incident — so that his client doesn't have to go to trial. While he's dealing with...Read Full Story

Here's an Update on Amanda Bynes

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Getty ImagesThe last time Amanda Bynes was in the headlines in late July, she'd set a fire in a stranger's driveway and soaked her dog in gasoline and was put on a 5150 hold by a judge. Well, things seem to be looking up. She's even back to "loving" Drake. Over the last few weeks the troubled star has been receiving court-mandated treatment at a Thousand Oaks facility. Now, a judge has just granted a long-term psych hold so she continues to get the help she needs. TMZ reports a judge granted...Read Full Story

Drake Finally Addresses Amanda Bynes' Bizarre Tweets: 'It's Weird and Disturbing'

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(Getty Images | PacificCoastNews)It was honestly pretty impressive that rapper Drake managed to avoid commenting on Amanda Bynes' apparent obsession with him over the past several months, given how furiously the media reported on Bynes' tweets on the subject. But in his new cover interview with XXL, Drake finally opens up about the entire debacle, which kicked off in March when Bynes tweeted, "I want Drake to murder my vagina.""I don't even know who that is doing that or what that's about. If...Read Full Story

Nick Cannon Pens an Open Letter to His 'Sister' and 'All That' Co-Star Amanda Bynes

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(Getty)  The careers of Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes, who were once co-stars on the hit Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That, could not be more different. Cannon went on marry Mariah Carey and host America's Got Talent, while Bynes retired from acting and went on to experience a recent string of personal struggles.In a newly penned open letter, Cannon revealed that he understands where Bynes is coming from, and knows all too well the hardships and challenges of living life in the...Read Full Story

Here's a Video of Amanda Bynes Just Being Totally Normal

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(Photo: Getty Images)If you've spent as much time chronicling the parade of strange and unsettling behavior that is Amanda Bynes' life, you start to wonder: Is this girl crazy, or crazy like a fox? Picking Twitter fights with random celebrities, run-ins with the cops, outrageous displays of vanity, claiming an Amanda Bynes impostor is responsible for all of it — Is she really on a downward spiral of self destruction or is this the most elaborate, ingenious publicity stunt ever?Unfortunately...Read Full Story

The Real Reason It's Obvious Amanda Bynes Has Officially Lost It

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Amanda Bynes' run of strange, disturbing, and often times sad behavior has been well documented — from the Twitter feuds to the arrests to the immeasurable displays of unrepentant vanity. But despite all her weirdness and apparently downward spiral, she's had enough supporters to maintain the benefit of the doubt — maybe she's not crazy after all?Well, perhaps we can put that benefit of the doubt to rest after this since-deleted tweet from Bynes Thursday morning: I mean, I know Bynes says...Read Full Story