Amanda Bynes May Be Schizophrenic, Gets Her Own 'Free Amanda' T-Shirt

The latest installment of the Amanda Bynes saga brings her parents, Rick and Lynn back into the picture. According to, they are concerned that their daughter could be suffering from schizophrenia. 

A source told the website that since moving to Los Angeles from Texas she has "exhibited distressing behavior." They also went on to say that “Amanda has heard voices for years, and was concerned she was being spied on via smoke alarms, and clocks in her home. She would cover electronic items because Amanda believed that was the only way she wouldn’t be spied on. It’s an extremely sad situation because Amanda just refuses to get help.” 

Yikes. Maybe Miss Bynes is doing worse than we thought. There is a way to support Amanda in hopes that she does get help: with your very own "Free Amanda" T-shirt. Designer Christopher Lee Sauvé has created a snazzy line of products with Bynes' pic on it available at Get 'em while they're hot.

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