10 Most Bizarre Political Sex Scandals

Our politicians remind us all too often that the King and fool are sometimes one and the same. Here are 10 stories of politicians whose strange scandals makes say "WTF?"

Jeff Gannon: Male Prostitute & White House Correspondent
When new blood joins the White House Press Corps, reporters tend to notice. So it was when some no-name reporter started lobbing softballs to President Bush. It wasn't long before a few actual journalists dug up the dirt on Jeff Gannon..

Wilbur Mills Throws It All Away for an Argentine Stripper
Wilbur Mills' tale of self-destruction is infamous for its audacity and mystery. In 1974, the congressman very publicly began seeing Argentine stripper Annabelle Battistella, better known as Fanne Foxe, a featured dancer at DC's seedy Silver Slipper strip club...

Sol Wachtler's Boots Were Made for Walking Into an FBI Sting
In 1992, Judge Sol Wachtler was the head of the New York Court of Appeals, the most powerful appellate court in the country. He was good looking, charismatic and well-respected. And he was completely out of his mind...

Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, and Pubic Hair on a Can of Coke
Anita Hill claimed that while working for Judge Thomas from 1981-'83, he repeatedly made passes at her and bragged about his awesome sexual abilities, even going so far as to talk about the size of his, uh, gavel...

Bob Packwood's Bizarre Diaries Used Against Him
In 1992, the Washington Post ran a story detailing accusations made by 10 different women that painted then-Senator Bob Packwood as a hamfisted misogynist bent on sexual gratification. Packwood first denied the accusations, but when his (hilariously awful) diary was...

Crystal Meth, a Male Prostitute, and the Fall of Pastor Ted Haggard
In November of 2006, hunky male prostitute Mike Jones went to the press with allegations that Pastor Ted had been paying for his services for the past 3 years under the name Art. Jones says he felt obligated to out Haggard because his influence might have...

The Don Sherwood Chokehold
You could look at Don Sherwood's failed 2006 reelection campaign as a referendum on the Republican party, or you could see it as a direct result of his mistress locking herself in his bathroom and calling 911 to report that he had knocked her around the room and choked her...

No One Wants to Skinny Dip With Jon Grunseth
During a party in 1981, Republican Jon Grunseth invited 4 teenage girls to go skinny dipping with him. The kicker? One of the girls was his adopted daughter...

Governor Paul Patton Gets Dumped, Closes Home for Elderly
It sucks to get dumped. The pain and humiliation of being sent packing can make you do awful, mean, crazy things. Some people do handle the difficulties with dignity and grace, but former Kentucky Governor Paul Patton is not one of those people...

Jack Ryan Takes His Hot Half-Borg Wife to Public Sex Clubs
While running for Senate against Barack Obama, Republican Jack Ryan's divorce papers were made public. It took one snippet of information from those papers to ruin Ryan's chances of winning a senate seat...
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