8 Scandals That Outed Gay Politicians

In many parts of the country, it's still difficult for gays and lesbians to make it in politics without hiding who they are. Unfortunately it often takes a scandal for a politician to admit homosexuality. Here are 8 scandals that outed both Democratic and Republican politicians.

Barney Frank's 'Risky Business'
In 1990, Barney Frank came out of the closet when his bizarre relationship with male prostitute Steve Gobie came to light. Frank acknowledged that he had paid for Gobie's services several times, but denied Gobie's more damning accusations...

Mayor James West, AKA Cobra82 on Gay.com
The Republican mayor of Spokane, WA, led a closeted gay life until he was outed by local newspaper, the Spokesman Review, which nailed West in a sting operation that raised ethical questions for journalists all over the country...

Bob Bauman and a 16-Year-Old Male Prostitute
You just can't dress up the details of the Bob Bauman case. The Republican representative from Maryland was arrested Oct. 3, 1980, for soliciting sex from...

Congressional Page Scandal Pt. 2: Gerry Studds
Like Dan Crane, Democrat Gerry Studds, was also censured by the House in 1983 for having sex with a teenage congressional page. But in an unexpected twist, the unmarried Studds turned the moment to his advantage...

Jon Hinson Gets Caught in the Men's Room
Republican congressman Jon Hinson was up for reelection in 1980 when his closeted gay life became public knowledge. During his campaign, the Mississippi representative was revealed to have been arrested in 1976 for exposing himself...

Crystal Meth, a Male Prostitute, and the Fall of Pastor Ted Haggard
In November of 2006, hunky male prostitute Mike Jones went to the press with allegations that Pastor Ted had been paying for his services for the past 3 years under the name Art. Jones says he felt obligated to out Haggard because his influence might have...

Jim McGreevey's Gay, but That's Not the Problem
Jim McGreevey's nearly-3-year stint as governor of New Jersey was plagued by rumors of nepotism, misconduct, and a closeted gay lifestyle. And in this case, the rumors were all true...

Mark Foley Gets Caught Sexting Underage Pages
It started when a congressional page came forward in the press, alleging that Mark Foley had requested a photo. Then another page came forward and revealed sexually explicit text messages and instant messages. Then more pages came forward...
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