7 Scandalous Love Children

Sometimes the proof of a politician's extramarital activities is in the results of a paternity test. Here are 7 stories of politicians who have been scandalized by so-called love children.

Everybody Hates John Edwards
John Edwards acknowledged his affair with Rielle Hunter after being caught leaving her Los Angeles hotel in August, 2008. But he's leaving it up to speculation as to whether he's the father of her infant daughter...

Grover Cleveland's 'Mamma Mia' Love Child
Grover Cleveland is mostly known for being the only American president to serve two non-consecutive terms... not so much for being one of several possible fathers to an illegitimate son...

Segregationist Strom Thurmond's Mixed-Race Love Child
Essie Mae Washington, the daughter of a black maid from South Carolina, spoke 7 words that changed the nature of Thurmond's legacy forever: "My Father's Name Was James Strom Thurmond." ...

Thomas Jefferson Honors Promise to Dying Wife... Sort Of
When Thomas Jefferson's wife, Martha, was dying in 1782, he promised her that he would never remarry. He kept his promise, but you could say he found a loophole...

Vito Fossella Bailed Out of Jail by the Wrong Woman
In Fossella's drunken stupor, it probably seemed perfectly fine to call his baby momma to come bail him out of jail. And it would be fine, except that if Fossella were sober, he'd know that it would probably peeve his wife...

Warren G. Couldn't Keep His Harding In His Pants
While Bill Clinton famously received oral in the Oval Office, Warren G. Harding introduced young lover Nan Britton to a nearby closet...

Arthur Brown Did It Way Before John Edwards
Preceding the John Edwards scandal by more than a full century, Arthur Brown was a trailblazer when it came to being a high-profile politician cheating on his cancer-stricken wife and fathering an extramarital child...
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