15 Scandalous Political Vixens

It takes a certain amount of arrogance for a politician to get caught up in a sex scandal. Do they really always think they won't get caught? But it takes two to tango, and here are 15 women that have tangoed with the best of 'em.

(PS: Sorry it's a sexist list. I'm waiting just as impatiently as anyone for women to start behaving as badly in office as men have.)

Chuck Robb Gets a Nude Massage from Miss Virginia
To hear it from Robb, the two simply shared some champagne, she gave him a nude massage, and the two went on their way. Sure. Totally innocent. But Tai Collins remembers things a little differently...

Gavin Newsom's Appointments Secretary: Ruby Rippey-Tourk
When San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was up for reelection in 2007 he won without any serious challengers, racking up 72% of the vote. You wouldn't know it by the results, but earlier that year, Newsom's part in a very messy love triangle was revealed. The scandal proved...

Nan Britton Obsessed Over Warren G. Harding
While Bill Clinton famously received oral in the Oval Office, Warren G. Harding introduced young lover Nan Britton to a nearby closet...

Sexy DC Blogger Reveals Way Too Much
In 2004, Jessica Louise Cutler was a staff assistant for Senator Michael DeWine. While she was working for the senator, Cutler kept an anonymous blog called the Washingtonienne in which she detailed her scandalous sex life...

Playmate Paula Parkinson: 'Washington Is Basically a Very Horny City'
When 3 Republican congressmen joined insurance lobbyist Paula Parkinson for a golfing trip to Florida, they didn't realize it would soon become the most infamous foursome of the 1980s...

Rielle Hunter: The Mother of John Edwards' Suspected Love Child
It was one thing when the National Enquirer was speculating that Edwards was carrying on an extramarital affair. It was another thing all together when one of the tabloid's photographers caught Edwards leaving his mistress' Los Angeles hotel room at 3 am and he responded by ducking into the nearest men's room...

Wayne Hays' Girlfriend Goes to the Press
"I was good enough to be his mistress for two years but not good enough to be invited to his wedding," Elizabeth Ray told the Washington Post...

Wilbur Mills Throws It All Away for an Argentine Stripper
Wilbur Mills' tale of self-destruction is infamous for its audacity and mystery. In 1974, the congressman very publicly began seeing Argentine stripper Annabelle Battistella, better known as Fanne Foxe, a featured dancer at DC's seedy Silver Slipper strip club...

Ashley Alexandra Dupre is Not a Cheap Date
When the Eliot Spitzer scandal broke in March, 2008, the world learned 2 things about New York's former governor. One: He has expensive taste. Two: When he gets upset, he tries to suck his entire face into his mouth...

Obligatory Acknowledgment of the Monica Lewinsky Scandal
Because no list of political vixens would be complete without it...

The Tragic Story of D.C. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey
Palfrey, who would come to be known as the D.C. Madam, had cleared a reported $2 million over 13 years by selling sex to Washington's rich and powerful. The charges led to...

Kwame Kilpatrick Brought Down for Sexting Christine Beatty
From 2002 to 2008, Kilpatrick's tenure as mayor of Detroit was fraught with allegations of conspiracy, perjury, obstruction of justice, marital infidelity, abuse of power, nepitism, assaulting a police officer, and even murder. But Kwame was ultimately undone by a slew of text messages that proved...

Gary Hart Blows His Shot at the Presidency With Donna Rice
In 1987, Gary Hart had a very good chance of becoming the next president. Following two successful terms in the US Senate, Hart was the clear frontrunner going into the Democratic primaries...

JFK and Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. Did it happen? Did it not? I don't know. More qualified people have taken on that question, and yet there is still no definitive answer. But the consensus is that they probably did...

Antonio Villaraigosa's Newscaster Girlfriend
Antonio Villaraigosa heated up the summer of 2007 when it was revealed the married Los Angeles mayor had been carrying on an affair with a local Spanish-language anchor woman...
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