No One Wants to Skinny Dip With Jon Grunseth

Jon Grunseth in 1990
After securing the Independent-Republican nomination for governor of Minnesota in 1990, hard-line conservative Jon Grunseth was facing a tough contest from incumbent Democrat Rudy Perpich.

That contest was quickly nullified on October 15, 1990, when voters found out that during a party in 1981, Grunseth had invited 4 teenage girls to go skinny dipping with him. The kicker? One of the girls was his adopted daughter, and the other three were her friends, one of whom accused Grunseth of trying to grab her breast. Yuck.

Grunseth in 2008, in his Australian cherry orchard. (From
It also didn't help matters when people found out Grunseth had been caryying on an on-again-off-again relationship with a woman who he was seeing through two separate marriages from 1980-'89.

Grunseth's party turned to his primary opponent, Arne Carlson, who went on to win the election.

Grunseth soon moved to Australia, where he apparently grows cherries to this day, which sounds far more pleasant than being a disgraced Republican politician in Minnesota.

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