Playmate Paula Parkinson: 'Washington Is Basically a Very Horny City'

Paula Parkinson in 1980

When 3 Republican congressmen joined insurance lobbyist Paula Parkinson for a golfing trip to Florida, they didn't realize it would soon become the most infamous foursome of the 1980s.

Anybody who knows Dan Quayle, knows he'd rather play golf than have sex any day. - Marilyn Quayle on Paula Parkinson's allegations
Though the account has never been confirmed, Parkinson would later strongly imply in a Playboy interview that her vacation with Thomas Evans, Jr., Tom Railsback, and Dan Quayle was about more than golf. Parkinson alleged that she had carried on flings with "fewer than a dozen" Republican members of the House. Why only Republicans?

"I don't do Democrats!" was her answer to Playboy.

She later told the Justice Department she had several flings with House members while she was in Washington. The New York Times quoted an unnamed Justice Department source in 1981 as saying:

''She gave us some salacious accounts of purported activities with congressmen, but there was no evidence of Federal violations,'' the source said.

Dan Quayle (left) doesn't let a little thing like a sex scandal scare him away from golf. (Getty Images)
In Paula's words: "Washington is basically a very horny city. For one thing, there are more women here than men. And men can be jerks with women and get away with it, because men are so scarce around here."

Though the JD halted its investigation due to a lack of evidence, Evans' career as a congressman was ended as he lost his fourth-term reelection bid in 1982. Railsback also failed to win election in '82. Only Quayle, who would later become Vice President under George H.W. Bush, would emerge unscathed, due in part to the backhanded support of his wife.

"Anybody who knows Dan Quayle, knows he'd rather play golf than have sex any day," Marilyn said of Parkinson's accusations that Quayle danced with, and propositioned her.

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