5 Political Careers That Were Ended in Men's Rooms

When it comes to humiliating ways to end your political career, being caught in a men's room is up there. Here are five stories of politicians whose aspirations were flushed away in the most demeaning way possible.

Bob Allen's Men's Room Misadventures
In July of 2007, Bob Allen's political career was ruined when he got so scared of a black guy in a public bathroom that he offered to give him $20 and oral sex...

Jon Hinson Gets Caught in the Men's Room
Republican congressman Jon Hinson was up for reelection in 1980 when his closeted gay life became public knowledge. During his campaign, the Mississippi representative was revealed to have been arrested in 1976 for exposing himself...

Larry Craig's Wide Stance Gets Him in Trouble
In June of 2007, Larry Craig made comedians jobs easier for a few weeks when he was arrested in a men's room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Craig was allegedly trying to pull some sort of sexual shenanigans...

LBJ's Top Aide Caught in the YMCA Men's Room
In a day when being a known homosexual meant you couldn't get security clearance from Uncle Sam, Walter Jenkins' arrest in a YMCA men's room was a nail in the coffin for his career....

Everybody Hates John Edwards
It was one thing when the National Enquirer was speculating that Edwards was carrying on an extramarital affair. It was another thing all together when one of the tabloid's photographers caught Edwards leaving his mistress' Los Angeles hotel room at 3 am and he responded by ducking into the nearest men's room...
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