America's 50 Most Scandalous Political Scandals

From Thomas Jefferson to John Edwards, sex scandals have long been a part of the American political landscape.

Some of them are sad, some of them are shocking, and some of them are just hilarious, but America's political history has been liberally peppered with our leaders' saucy scandals. Here are 50 stories that remind us that our mayors, congressmen, and even presidents are not immune to the temptations that come with political power.

To guide you in your journey through America's 50 Most Scandalous Political Scandals (a very incomplete list by the way), we've divided the stories up in a few helpful segments. You can start by checking out one of the segments, or you can view the first story on the list, or you can view the entire list to choose where you want to start.

Whatever story you land on, you'll be directed to the next item on the list at the bottom of the article. The list of 50 is unranked, but for the sake of presentation we've assigned them numerals in our full list.


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Scandalous Political Scandal Number 1

Everybody Hates John Edwards
It was one thing when the National Enquirer was speculating that Edwards was carrying on an extramarital affair. It was another thing all together when one of the tabloid's photographers caught Edwards leaving his mistress' Los Angeles hotel room at 3 am and he responded by ducking into the nearest men's room...
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