Bob Packwood's Bizarre Diaries Used Against Him

Bob Packwood in 1994
In November, 1992, the Washington Post ran a story detailing accusations made by 10 different women that painted then-Senator Bob Packwood (R-OR) as a hamfisted misogynist bent on sexual gratification.

Packwood first denied the accusations, but when his (hilariously awful) diary was subpoenaed by the Senate Ethics Committee, it became clear that not only was he guilty of all manner of sexual misconduct, he also thought of himself as a "stud." Here's one particularly damning excerpt:
Grabbed Tracy Gorman behind the Xerox machine today and she got a little pissed. What’s the big deal? I was smiling while I did it. She made this big stink about it and it took me about two hours and a couple of thousand dollars to calm her down. I have one question — if she didn’t want me to feather her nest, why did she come into the Xerox room? Sure, she used that old excuse that she had to make copies of the Brady Bill, but if you believe that, I have a room full of radical feminists you can boff. She knew I was copying stuff in there. I had my jacket off and my sleeves rolled up, revealing the well-defined musculature of my sinewy arms which are always bulging with desire. I know what she wanted. This didn’t require a lot of thought. Having won reelection just before the Washington Post went to press with the story, Packwood was reluctant to resign. It took a Senate Ethics Committee's unanimous agreement that Packwood should be expelled from the Senate to convince him that it was time to move on. In September, 1995, he finally resigned from the Senate. Following the death of his political career, Packwood put his insider experience to good use and started a lobbying firm called the Sunrise Research Corporation.

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