Governor Paul Patton Gets Dumped, Closes Home for Elderly

It sucks to get dumped. The pain and humiliation of being sent packing can make you do awful, mean, crazy things. Some people do handle the difficulties with dignity and grace, but former Kentucky Governor Paul Patton is not one of those people.

Patton entered into an extramarital affair with nursing home operator Tina Conner in 1997, but things were not meant to be. Conner ended her affair with the Governor in 1999, but didn't completely cut him off until 2001. That's when Patton decided to get even by shutting down her nursing home.

Two months after Patton was cut off, Conner's nursing home was cited for numerous health and safety violations of a dubious nature. By 2002, Medicare and Medicaid funding had completely been pulled from the facility, and Conner was soon forced to declare bankruptcy.

The affair became public after Conner filed a lawsuit alleging that Patton had targeted her nursing home in retaliation, and his political career was soon over.

Having served 2 terms as governor, Patton left office in 2003, but due to the scandal chose not to run for the Senate in an election that he likely would have won.

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