David Hasselhoff Performs an Interesting '80s Medley on 'American Idol'

In honor of what's "fun" and "cool."

David Hasselhoff Performs an Interesting '80s Medley on 'American Idol'

If you're looking for a wedding singer, look no further than The Hoff.

In a bizarre unique way to end last night's '80s themed episode of American Idol, David Hasselhoff took the stage to sing a medley of hits that were, in his own words, "fun" and "cool." We can think of a few other words to describe his take on the catchy tunes... 

"I wanted to put a little humor in it and a little fun," the former Baywatch star told PEOPLE. "Sometimes people just get up there and sing and they've got a great voice but who cares, you've got to entertain people. I wanted to do a little of the Freddie Mercury. I like to put humor and fun into everything that I do – and also passion. I just put that together yesterday with [Idol's music director Ricky Minor]. It was hard to choose just six songs. I wanted to do, like, 30."

Whatever floats your life preserver, Hoff. 

Check out the full clip below. Did you enjoy the surprise performance? Or would we have fared better with an actual '80s musician taking the stage?

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