Lazaro Arbos Insinuates 'American Idol' Is Rigged

American Idol Season 12 Episode 26Lazaro Arbos better watch his words, because you know Nicki Minaj is not above Twitter feuding with former American Idol contestants! The former Idol hopeful opened up about his time on the show while speaking with, and he came dangerously close to accusing the show of being rigged.

"There's no way that five guys could've left in a row," he said. He quickly added, "Not saying that they choose who goes home, that's not what I'm saying." But he didn't explain exactly what he was saying either.

The week before last, Lazaro became the fifth consecutive male eliminated from the competition, and he's apparently not very pleased about it. But if he wants to avoid any awkwardness he should probably keep any conspiracy theories to himself since he's still scheduled to go on tour with the rest of the top 10 this summer.
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