Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman was arrested and accused of spying on the US Government.  Photos: NYPost

Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman. Pic: NY Post
The NY Post reported this week that Russian spy Anna Chapman has been arrested.  Anna was one of 10 suspected spies in a 'spy ring' centered in New York's Financial District.  The FBI tracked her movements and suspects that she was regularly passing sensitive information to a Russian government official.

The fact that she was a spy isn't what everyone on the Internet is interested in.  The fact that she's a 'sexy Russian spy' is.  Now everyone is looking for photos of Anna Chapman.

Anna Chapman is a 28 year old, red-headed attractive woman.  The NY Post sparked even more interest when that reported that she has a "Victoria’s Secret body".  Maybe Anna should be the next James Bond girl!
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