Anna Chapman: The Real Life Sexy Russian Spy

Anna Chapman (Photos from

Anna Chapman (From
Anna Chapman is one of 11 people arrested Sunday on charges that they were Russian spies sent to America to infilitrate “policy making circles.” While most of the 11 arrested were notable mainly for their ordinariness, Anna uncannily fits Hollywood's image of the sexy Russian spy.

Even better, Anna Chapman's arrest comes on the verge of the premiere of Angelina Jolie's new Russian spy thriller, Salt -- though it's unlikely she has the ass-kicking skills of Angelina's fictional counterpart.

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It turns out that the real sexy Russian spy is a known better as a New York socialite who posts kinda sexy pictures on facebook, just like countless other socially active twenty-somethings. She's 28, divorced, has a masters degree in economics, runs an online real estate business and lives in a swanky apartment in Manhattan's financial district.

The FBI revealed Monday that it had been tracking Anna and her companions for several years, from her coffee shop exchanges (via secret online network) with a handler, to the clandestine methods used to transfer money (cash buried five-inches deep in an upstate New York field).

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