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Anna Rawson LPGA Tour Championship - Round Two
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Anna Rawson Hana Bank Championship - Day 1
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Anna Rawson Navistar LPGA Classic - Round One
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Anna Rawson to Donate $1M Winnings If Voted into Mojo6 Tournament

By Deena Bustillo on
Anna Rawson is hoping 16 is her lucky number. The Australian model and golfer wants to head to Jamaica to play in the Mojo6 Golf Tournament, but to get there she needs votes. Lots of 'em. And, if she gets enough votes to become the 16th player for the event and wins, she'll donate her $1 million winnings to 3 charities. Anna has said she will split her prize money between International Medical Corps, UNICEF and Inspire, a foundation that helps youth victims of suicide. She lost her mother...Read Full Story

Anna Rawson -- Pro golfer and fashion plate's ideas on saving the LPGA

By Jake on
Anna Rawson is one of the few pros on the LPGA tour doing well. That the statuesque Austrailian is a former professional model probably doesn't hurt, but she presented ESPN with some ideas on how to revitalize the LPGA as a whole.The first suggestion from ESPN -- you can click over to read all five of them: 1. ROCK THE TEEEvery player should tee off to her favorite song at the beginning of the tournament and have it played again when she approaches the 18th green. Major League Baseball...Read Full Story

Top 10 Hottest Women in Sports

By Tiffanie on
They may know what they're doing on the field, but where these ladies really sizzle is in front of the camera. If they get injured, they can always find work modeling. Check out 10 of the hottest women in sports...10. Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin She won 6 medals at the Beijing Olympics and holds a bunch of world records (Getty Images)9. Soccer player Heather MittsA women's soccer veteran, she kicks ass on the field (Getty Images)8. Pro Snowboarder Gretchen BleilerRegularly landing...Read Full Story

Anna Rawson -- LPGA star named new GoDaddy girl

By Jake on
Anna Rawson, LPGA tour star and sometimes pro model has been named the newest GoDaddy girl the company announced on Tuesday. The Austrialian tour player gained controversey earlier this year when she called former LPGA tour players "dykes," saying that the public still thought the tour was "full of, you know, a lot of dykes and unattractive females nobody wanted to watch."She'll be joining Danica Patrick, Candice Michelle of the WWE and poker star Vanessa Rousso as official spokesladies for...Read Full Story

7 Questions with Anna Rawson

By John Newlin on
Anna Rawson is a triple threat: She's a pro golfer on the LPGA tour, a model for both print and the runway, and she's whip-smart. These are all characteristics of what's called a "woman you bring home to mom." Though gauging from her schedule, it'd be hard to pin Rawson down for a date. We caught up with her and were able to get off a few questions. What do you do mentally to prepare for a golf tournament and how do you mentally stay in the the game while playing?To prepare, I visualize...Read Full Story