7 Questions with Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson in Hana Bank KOLON Championship: Day 1
Anna Rawson of Australia hits her shot on the 1st hole during day one of the Hana Bank KOLON Championship at SKY 72 Golf Club Ocean course on October 31, 2008 in Icheon, South Korea. (Getty Images)more pics »Anna Rawson is a triple threat: She's a pro golfer on the LPGA tour, a model for both print and the runway, and she's whip-smart. These are all characteristics of what's called a "woman you bring home to mom." Though gauging from her schedule, it'd be hard to pin Rawson down for a date. We caught up with her and were able to get off a few questions.

What do you do mentally to prepare for a golf tournament and how do you mentally stay in the the game while playing?
To prepare, I visualize myself winning the tournament. I try to think about coming down the stretch Sunday with the lead. I hear the crowds, and I even get butterflies!  To mentally prepare the best, I think very confidentially about every aspect of my game. When playing the game I try to stay in the present, and I only think about hitting the best shot that I have ever hit with the club in my hand.

Do you ever hit a bad shot and fear that you'll go to a dark place, mentally?
I never fear going to a dark place mentally. Usually when it happens, you have no control. I just try and learn from that for next time. Luckily, I also have my caddy who can snap me out of bad mental behavior.
Anna Rawson in Hana Bank KOLON Championship: Day 1Is there mental jousting among other players during a tournament?
I am sure there is, but luckily I haven't experienced that much of it.

Have you used any Jedi mind tricks on other golfers?
No, I think I'm pretty low key and try to be nice to everyone. I actually want my competitors to play well because it speeds up play and ends up making me play better.  Mostly, I try not to take notice of my competitors.  I mostly just learn from how their ball reacts on the green or the fairway. I don't want to be concerned with them at all.

Who's your favorite clothing designer at the moment?
That's such a difficult question because there are so many good ones! I love Karl Lagerfield and Marc Jacobs, but at the moment I am really into Thakoon. I think it's great that he just did the international go line at Target!

If you were offered a huge multi-million dollar, 5-year contract with Thakoon but they asked you to give up golf, how would you handle it?
I would be thankful for the opportunity, but I would ultimately decline.  I could never give up golf!

Anna Rawson in Arthur Mendonca - Front Row - Fall 08 MBFWWhat's your most comfortable outfit to wear to, say, the store?
A dress with flip flops or ballet flats, if it's cold. It's comfortable because it's non-restricting. It is also easy because it's only one piece of clothing, and therefore I don't have to think about matching it.

What's the worst golf-related pick up line you've ever heard?
In Korea, once I played a Pro-Am with three professors. They were all telling me about the best English pick up lines they had ever heard but none of them were golf-related. The best/cheasiest one was "I play the field, and it looks like I just hit a home run with you."

This may be a dumb question, but as a celebrity golf star, do you actually have to pay green fees?
Occasionally I do, especially because I try to fly under the radar as much as possible on the course.

Or do clubs pay you to play at them?

Do you have any pre-match rituals that you do for good luck?

I used to listen to my psychologist's Focus CD. But after a few tournaments, I knew the lyrics by heart, so I stopped listening. Now, all I make sure I do before the round is eat as much as I can get down, so that I have tons of energy for the course.

What's one thing you can't do without?

My blackberry. It's so fabulous to communicate with people. Sometimes I can be having eight different conversations with people in three or four different continents! It's an amazing thing!

If you were interviewing you, what would you ask you.
Are you happy with how your life is going?

  • Anna Rawson in Kapalua LPGA Classic - Round One
  • Anna Rawson in Kapalua LPGA Classic - Round One
  • Anna Rawson in Kapalua LPGA Classic - Round One
  • Anna Rawson in Kapalua LPGA Classic - Round One
  • Anna Rawson in Kapalua LPGA Classic - Round One
  • Anna Rawson in Kapalua LPGA Classic - Round One
  • Anna Rawson in Kapalua LPGA Classic - Round One
  • Anna Rawson in Kapalua LPGA Classic - Round One
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