Zimbio Exclusive: Anna Rawson Interview

We had the opportunity to ask Anna Rawson a few questions yesterday. Anna is a professional golfer who recently announced that she'll be playing in the LPGA next year.


Zimbio: First of all, congratulations are in order. You played well at the LPGA Qualifying Tournament and you’re now ranked first on the conditional status list of the LPGA. Next year you’ll be playing against the top golfers in the world. How are you preparing for the LPGA?

Anna Rawson: Thank you! I'm very excited for the upcoming year, as making the LPGA is a dream come true. Ever since I turned pro in 2004, I've been preparing for the LPGA. Each day I work on my process goals, which are specific goals that I've created to help me achieve my dreams. Now I have to create more dreams, and keep working on the process.

Zimbio: What's been the best part of your game this year?

Anna Rawson: The biggest improvement in my game has been mentally. I started working with mental coach Bob Rotella this time last year, and it has totally overhauled my game. I used to think very poorly on the golf course. Now I think smart, and have a great attitude.

Zimbio: How old were you when you first got started with golf? Who were your early influences?

Anna Rawson: I began playing golf when I was 13 because my whole family plays. I played every sport growing up, so it was natural for me to try golf. I also liked the fact that I could join my brother and his cute friends for a round! Playing golf has not only taken me all over the world but has given me discipline. It is the hardest game that I've ever played, and I love the fact that it challenges me daily. As a teenager, golf kept me out of trouble. It's a sport that makes me humble. My biggest influence was my Grandfather Ken Rawson. He was a a very successful man and always pushed me to be better.

Zimbio: Can you tell us a little bit about your ties to Australia. Do you have plans to “give back” in your home country in any way?

Anna Rawson: In some ways, my ties to Australia are decreasing. I love the country and the people so much, and I always look forward to going home, but I have endless opportunities in America, as well as everywhere in the world. I'm becoming more of a citizen of the world. I think that is how you become with a career like mine. Since I've just made it into the LPGA, I'm still in the planning phases on how I'm going to give back to Australia or to other parts of the world in need, but I'm excited to be apart of any positive efforts that can make a difference.

Zimbio: You were ranked among the most beautiful female athletes by Sports Illustrated. How did that make you feel? Has your modeling career helped or hurt your golf game?

Anna Rawson: That was as incredible honor. There are so many talented and beautiful athletes out there, that it was great to be selected, especially by Sports Illustrated. Golf always come first, so my modeling career does not hurt my game at all. In fact, I utilize my modeling opportunities to help women's golf grow in popularity. My modeling career has given me confidence and financial freedom.

Zimbio: What are your personal goals for next year? What can we look forward to in 2008?

Anna Rawson: My goals are to win a tournament, walk in this year's New York Fashion Week, and most importantly, do as much as I can, such as photoshoots, interviews, and appearances, to elevate the image of women's golf.

Zimbio: Thanks Anna, best of luck in 2008.


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