Top 10 Hottest Women in Sports

They may know what they're doing on the field, but where these ladies really sizzle is in front of the camera. If they get injured, they can always find work modeling. Check out 10 of the hottest women in sports...

10. Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin 
She won 6 medals at the Beijing Olympics and holds a bunch of world records


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9. Soccer player Heather Mitts
A women's soccer veteran, she kicks ass on the field


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8. Pro Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler
Regularly landing Crippler 540's makes her cool as hell.

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7. Racecar driver Danica Patrick
She was the first woman ever to win an Indy Car race. Oh, and she models on the side.

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6. Pro tennis player Ana Ivanovic
The Serbian tennis player plays, and wins, all over the world

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5 and 4. Bia and Branca Feres
With all the modeling these Brazilian twins do, it's a wonder how they find time to be Olympic synchronized swimmers.


3. Pro golfer Anna Rawson
Her shots of the course may just be hot enough to get people into women's golf

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2. Pro tennis player Maria Sharapova
The Russian champion is a world-wide favorite

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1. Pro tennis player Anna Kournikova
It's easy to see what Enrique, and everyone else, sees in her

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