Annette Edwards: Jessica Rabbit

Annette Edwards really wants to look like Jessica Rabbit -- so much so that she splurged on $16,000 worth of surgery to steal the character's style. The 57-year-old British woman got cheek and chin implants as well as a breast lift, not to mention all the work she did on her own.

Annette Edwards as Jessica Rabbit (via
She said (via "I did go on a three-month diet eating a little like the rabbits: salads, get the figure right. I lost three stone in three months... But to the body it was just pure diet."

She added, "I've always loved...the cartoon character. I just think she's a very sexy cartoon, or woman. With curves in the right places."

And it's not just Jessica Rabbit she loves. It's all rabbits, and she breeds real ones in her spare time. Check out the video below:

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