Antwon Tanner, 'One Tree Hill' Star, Goes to Jail for Dealing in Stolen Social Security Numbers

By Olivia on
Who knew One Tree Hill star Antwon Tanner had a second job? The actor is looking at three months in prison and another five months of house arrest after admitting to selling stolen Social Security numbers. According to, Tanner sold more than 12 Social Security numbers to an undercover agent for $10,000. His lawyer blamed the unwise dealings on "stupidity" and said that he "suffered financial reversals and lost a $1-million house in California to foreclosure."A judge in Brooklyn...Read Full Story

Antwon Fisher -- 'One Tree Hill' star arrested

By Jake on
Antwon Fisher has been arrested in connection with a Social Security card scam.The One Tree Hill star has surrendered himself to federal authorities.From The guy who plays "Skills" on "One Tree Hill" clearly has none when it comes to being a crook, because he was just popped by police in connection with a Social Security card scam.Antwon Tanner surrendered to federal prosecutors this morning. The U.S. Attorney's office says Tanner "knowingly and intentionally" transferred Social...Read Full Story